We at CIPL are a quality centric organisation. A timely, delivery focused software product development company that engineers customised web and software developments along with the mobile app for offshore and onshore (domestic) developments. We provide our customers with the best platform for their everyday work by offering paperless automation systems reducing the carbon footprint and adding to secure the environment.

As an IT service provider, we develop solutions to match the requirements of our customers. We provide the back-end support and are flexible to tune the software as per need.

Our other offerings in Different Domains

Power Trading

Digitizing Energy trading

Energy sector is vital to economic growth, enhancing the quality of life of citizens and is the core element of sustainable development. Our power sector software is sophisticated, powerful, fully automated system which is simple to set-up with minimal human intervention that not only captures data but gives insight to the data derived. Our various power trading fully automated platforms like PETS Buzz, REC Buzz, ESCert Buzz, QCA Buzz, Bilateral Buzz, etc, provide online bidding compatible with energy trading exchanges that are focused to change the way the world uses energy.

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School Automation Management System


SAMS Buzz is our modular solution providing a vertical automation & management for any school. All information is accessed and stored electronically be it about the student, parent, teacher, school transportation, library, sports, curriculum, report card, attendance, payment, etc., and the record can be stored for a long period of time.

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Dairy Sector Industry

Dairy is one of the fastest growing sectors in India USHI Buzz, our dairy ERP software is a modular solution specially integrated to manage all resources of Dairy from Procurement to quality management to logistics and payment. The process flow helps in controlling and supports various aspects and challenges of the sector.

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e-Governance or Electronic Governance is customizable for use by large and medium size organizations like the government to corporates for automation and delivery of various services and processes or in simple words electronically communicate. It aims in reducing cost, increasing transparency, faster dissemination of information, improved efficiency and accountability are a few to name.

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Why Choose Us?

Unique design

 A team of creative designers providing thoughtful, effective and innovative designs for businesses of all sizes.

Requirement Elicitation

Our requirements gathering service lays the foundation for a project success. We deliver the requirements documented.

Quality Development

CIPL strives to provide its customers quality application development services that help them get ahead of their competitor.

24*7 Support

Application support and maintenance is an important element towards enhancing and extending the life of the applications and we focus to achieve that for our customers.

After Sales Services

By providing good after-sales service gives a security of belonging to your customers and builds a long-term relationship with them by earning their loyalty and retaining their business.

Regular Up-gradations

Regular upgrades to the products helps in keeping abreast with new technologies.

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